Grow Your Instagram Following

Join our secret giveaways. Gain genuine followers without having to post the giveaway!

How It Works

An Instagram secret or hidden giveaway is a fast and efficient way to grow your following with real, active and engaged followers without having to post the giveaway on your profile.

This growth takes place between three and seven days and can grow as many as 10,000 real followers.

In an Instagram secret giveaway, the participant finds out about the giveaway through a paid sponsor.

The sponsor directs the user to a specific Instagram profile or host account that has the contest details posted.

This host account only follows co-hosts of the giveaway. Participants are told that to enter, you have to follow all of the accounts that the host account follows, and like and comment on the giveaway post, usually tagging people for more chances to win.


An Instagram secret or hidden giveaway is effective because it pleases everyone involved:

  1. the participants have a chance to win a terrific prize in exchange for 30 seconds of their time
  2. sponsors are paid for their promotion of the giveaway
  3. hosts gain followers without having to post the giveaway on their feed