1k Expected Gain | $400 Amazon or Cash Giveaway


As a secret giveaway, we do not require you to post anything on your own page. Rather, our sponsors promote our giveaways. Sponsors will take photos/videos with the prize and post it on their feed + multiple stories posts.

Date: The giveaway will begin October 18th.

Prize: $400 Amazon gift card or Cash


We are confident in what we do because we vet our sponsors, monitor our methods, and provide quality prizes and service to our winners. Because of this, we offer a guarantee for each giveaway.

The guarantee for this giveaway is 1,000 followers.


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    Sponsors: We are not at liberty to reveal our sponsor names due to the recent algorithm changes by Instagram and interference from other giveaway hosts.

    The sponsors for this giveaway include:

    Bio: 1 Southern California-based lifestyle account.

    Audience: Following of 250k, majority female audience, largest age group is 18-34.

    Engagement: 25-40k likes, 800-1.5k comments.



    In order to increase the number of giveaway entries (followers), for the giveaway, we will only have 25 spots available for this giveaway.



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