Please read this thoroughly. By participating in one of our giveaways and becoming a client of HM Giveaways, you are agreeing to these terms.


1. Even though we offer a guarantee, hidden or secret giveaways are a risk.

We cannot control who or how many people enter the giveaway and follow you. Likewise, we cannot control what they do after the giveaway ends. There will be times where the giveaway gains are lower than usual because of algorithm changes or outside interference. We cannot help these instances, but we do our best to protect you from them with our giveaway and host rules and terms. Some of that risk mitigation is reflected in the following terms.

2. Guarantee

Again, all giveaways are risks.

We do NOT send any refunds NOT obligated in any way to provide monetary compensation if you are not satisfied with results. What do offer instead is a guarantee that if you do not get your expected gains, we will do one of two thing(s):

  1. Add an additional sponsor to the giveaway.
  2. Add you to the next giveaway until you reach your goal.

We offer this guarantee because we are confident in our work. That said, by paying for and joining our giveaways, you are 100% agreeing to follow all listed rules as well as understanding that there are absolutely NO refunds unless your lack of participation was the fault of ours. It is your responsibility to judge the giveaway is going to be successful for you. Each giveaway will have it’s guaranteed gain made clear to you before you opt into it.

3. Sponsors
This is one of the foundations of our business. When we send out information about sponsors, they are 100% accurate as we know it. We monitor all sponsors before we work with them and check for quality engagement and a definable audience. We only work with those sponsors who have what we can determine is an authentic connection with their audience. Having stated this, this does NOT mean that we have control over them when it’s time to post.  In the case that sponsors do not follow through on our agreements, we handle the reconciliation and protect our customers.

We pay ALL of our sponsors. Therefore, we cannot and will not send refunds.


4. Participants and Prize Delivery.

Giveaway participants are our clients too. All giveaway prizes are delivered quickly and with care by HM Giveaways to ensure all parties involved walk away from the giveaway happy.


5. Your Responsibility

By paying for and joining our giveaways, you are 100% agreeing to follow all listed rules as well as understanding that there are absolutely NO refunds unless your lack of participation was due to our error. We will not send any refunds unless we receive refunds from the sponsors we have paid.

It is your responsibility to make sure your chosen giveaway package and sponsors fit your goals.

Once you have paid for your giveaway, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on sending your information. Please check for this email and contact us if you have not received it within an hour of your purchase. If you have not received all the information and you fail to contact us at least 30 minutes before a giveaway, you will not receive a refund, nor will you be entered into a future giveaway. We have limited availability for all giveaways. Once you pay it is your responsibility to make sure you have received necessary information and that the giveaway account is following you at the time it begins.

Once you have submitted your information and have been given a confirmation, there is nothing else for you to do. The giveaway does not require our clients to post.


7. Refunds and Legal Disclosures

We will NOT give out refunds OR transfer you to future giveaways because you aren’t happy with the results beyond the aforementioned guarantee. Giveaways are ALWAYS risk/gamble. We cannot promise any particular amount of followers. However, we have committed to providing the BEST sponsors for a great price. We promise honest, well-organized loops.

Your signature to this document/agreement is your payment. By signing this contract you are agreeing that you will not file a fraudulent charge claim or a chargeback claim. Doing so will result in HM Giveaways pursuing legal action.

By submitting your payment to join this giveaway, you are signing our contract and agreeing with our rules. We may pursue legal action if any one person breaks this contract, files a refund claim, or unauthorized transaction claim with their bank because they did not read or understand these rules.